The Ten Commandments of Civilization are modern imperatives for governments and citizens. The Commandments give guidance to form governments based on Collaborative Democracy and bring all people into the governing process to help civilization reach its full potential.

We stand at a crossroads. We can enter a period of national, religious and economic wars on a global scale that could last for generations. These wars, should they transpire, will create vast human suffering and have countless unintended consequences that can be predicted by no one. The other choice is for humanity to collectively find peace for all mankind. This choice is for all of the citizens of the world, not the few who hold power by intimidation and deception.

The citizens of the world, no matter where they may reside, must choose between war and peace in a collaborative, democratic way.

Your donation no matter how large or small helps me help the citizens of the world help themselves. The Ten Commandments of Civilization and Collaborative Democracy represent universal truths. As people bring these universal truths into their lives they will experience the promise of democracy and attain better lives.

If you are poor please do not donate, as there are more than enough of wealthy people in the world who should. What I hope you do instead of donating is incorporate the Ten Commandments of Civilization and Collaborative Democracy into your life and spread the good news.

Jack Martin
November 26, 2007

PS: Whether you donate or not, get involved today!
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